Hotels and the Essence of Excitement

Perfumes are genuinely feminine in every way. Male travelers who frequent a Grants Pass hotel such as Redwood Hyperion Hotels & Motels, know this all too well and tantalizes a woman’s sense of smell by wearing a pleasant smelling fragrance she would give her eyeteeth for just to understand what exactly he is wearing. But, then again, it is part of his secret and one way to keep a woman guessing.

Know that the male companion you’ve set your eyes on may have had many lady clients who merely loved the choice of fragrances and sweet aromas that came their way. It could be that you are a woman in search of a caring, sensual male companion who is a master at dulling your senses. In a way, you may feel very alone in the harsh business world and without any friends. However, have you thought of visiting a trusted hotel chain, where you may just meet a faithful companion who fully understands you?

What Does a Male Traveler Know About Pleasing Your Senses?

Would you believe that some male companions go as far as to study various fragrances and the effect it has on one’s mind? From heavily scented oils to delicate perfumes, it is apparent that some of these will help you discover your inner self.

There should be no doubt in our minds that odors can influence our moods.  The same goes for a friendly lodging place in the Grant Pass region. But, hey we all know the saying – “Different strokes for different folks.”

Did you know that extroverts would prefer lighter fragrances while introverts would prefer Oriental (Heavier) fragrances?

Knowing How to Detect Your Mood

Have you ever entered a hotel or motel room that had a negative or positive vibe? True Male companions have the knack to know how to help you relax and be yourself regardless of where you are. They have this inherent ability to calm your nerves somehow, put you at ease while encouraging their partner to enjoy the moment.

Your male companion perfected the art of knowing which fragrances to use so they can genuinely satisfy your innermost needs. Another area they excel in is kissing.

Hotels in Grants Pass and the Prospect of Experiencing Kisses

What is in a kiss? Besides, you get unsatisfying kisses and the ones that make you swoon or lose your footing. Time to consider what the strict application of lips can do for you and not just a mere brushing of lips. It gets even better if the person you are about to kiss is a man who gives of a pleasant, somewhat musky pheromone that floats from the side of his face.

Then again, there may be an attractive fragrance coming from the breath of a healthy woman. As you can imagine, there is a promise of fireworks when this is the case. Now picture the soothing sounds of relaxing music in the background, thanks to the powerful hi-fi systems that form part of the amenities on offer at hotels like the Redwood Hyperion Suites.

Do not forget other niceties such as soaps, deodorants, creams, perfumes, and aftershave that come into the mix.

The art in spoiling a woman lies in knowing which buttons to push concerning the appropriate time to share an emotionally charged story or tale with her. The right moment to give her roses or a box of chocolates.

There are moments when it is time for calmness and getting into an intelligent conversation.

It sure is soothing and comforting for a businesswoman to know that they are in good hands. Male travelers who ooze with confidence and know what to do at every stage of the dating game sure knows how to mend an upset spirit and make women feel beautiful about life and themselves.

Women’s senses need to be opened up in a way that does not upset or offends them in any way. Male travelers who love visiting Oregon resorts will satisfy most if not all of their senses by suggesting excellent food and wine, utilizing delicate fragrances and even submerging our ladies in a non-sexual experience.

Nothing beats the satisfying experience and feeling women get from engaging with a male companion who truly understands them and help them discover their innermost feelings while enabling them to let go of built up tension and stress, commonly found in businesswomen.

All they need is to pay a visit to a nearby hotel like the Redwood Hyperion Suites.